Class schedule has been adjusted as of 11/03/2106.

Two morning Basics classes, one evening Basics class and

one evening Level 1 class.  Check "Schedule/Fees" tab for details.


 New Level 3 Certified Teachers, Janani (Janel Wenndt) and Padmasri (Phyllis Viner)

                            Janani, Santoshi, Padmasri, Tom and Satyam

Janani and Padmasri attained certification in Level 3.  Many thanks to Satyam for expert guidance through the 2 year training and to Santoshi for coming from California to offer her assistance with modifications and complete the certification process.  Her extensive knowledge of the flow provides valuable insight for our continued growth and progression to Level 4, Air!  Thank you both. 

TriYoga® is a complete and revolutionary hatha yoga system based in ancient yoga.  Increase physical strength and energy, develop flexibility and achieve spiritual harmony.  The Kundalini inspired practice unites body, breath and focus to allow the inner flow to freely emerge.  Experience the art and science of YogaFlow®.

 Kaliji in Full Swan, Malibu Beach

Quiet, intimate yoga studio provides props to enhance practice.  TriYoga® Quad Cities, 2033 N Fillmore St in Northwest Davenport. Space is limited so please call to secure your place.  View the schedule and pick a class that fits you.  Forms of payment are cash or check, to Phyllis Viner.

 Padmasri in Camel 3 ~ Air Flow, TYCR