Let me introduce myself.  I am Phyllis Viner,  (Padmasri) certified TriYoga®  instructor.

My TriYoga® practice began in January of 2004 at Sun Moon Studios in Cedar Rapids under the direction of Kathleen Dirks.

Finding TriYoga® fit with my sense of order and creativity, I soon applied for Basics internship.  Traveling often to the TriYoga Center in Santa Cruz, CA, and attending various workshops with many Senior TriYoga® teachers, I  certified in Basics in July, 2005, Level 1 February, 2008, Level 2  November, 2013 and Level 3 February, 2016.  Currently exploring Level 4, Air.

Monthly workshops at TriYoga® of Cedar Rapids  prepared me for Level 3 certification, as I learned refinements and detail from Sterling Hart and Nancy Paris.  Practice with Kaliji when we are fortunate to have her visit the area, provides me with renewed vitality and resolve to share this living practice.

Established March 2011, TriYoga Quad Cities is a home based studio that allows small classes sized for individual attention.  All the things needed for a complete, effective practice are available for practitioners of all levels.  Foam and cork blocks are available as well as mats, belts, small and large pillows in addition to blankets for a comfortable relaxation experience. 

Many of the props available were obtained from Sun Moon Studios in Cedar Rapids.  When the studio closed there, some props were brought to Davenport to help students with their alignment assistance.  When TriYoga Quad Cities opened, new props were added so more students could appreciate the benefits the props provide. 

The large pillows (bolsters) can be used to support our Basics hip-opening 'Extended Penguin/Extended Frog' postures. They can also be used in learning more advanced poses such as Hanuman and Extended Pyramid.  A bolster under the knees provides a better release of the legs for deep relaxation.  The belts are used to enhance 'Extended Shoulder Stretch' and 'Leg Stretch/Reclined Dancer's poses.